Probably because I'm not that interesting!

My name is Jacquelyn and I'm the woman behind the camera! I love to sleep when that actually happens between late night editing and early rising children (don't hate my nagging and exaggerating they actually wake up around 9..I'm blessed I know). Breakfast is my favorite meal however I never have enough energy to cook until lunch time. Actually I really don't cook at all, but like to think that soon I will start doing it more, HA. Aside from taking photos the rest of my time is spent with my family, crafting, or working on hundreds of projects around the house. I love to build things from end tables to closet doors, anything that will save me a few dollars. I could pass as the better looking Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Binford tools should sponsor me... Tacos, nachos, Mexican..basically anything with meat, cheese, and chips are my all time favorite food and I can eat it every day. Chili cheese fries anyone? Lets have a client meeting at Coney I'll love you forever. Favorite beers are Summer Shandy and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat! I rely way too much on my daily planner. I love to plan parties - event/wedding planner would totally be my jam but photography has my heart. I love to snowboard but ever since I went to Colorado it can never compare to the "mountains" here in Michigan. I still get anxiety every time I'm on the chair lift..anyone else afraid of the drop off part? I freak every time HA!

At 15 I met the man of my dreams and married 6 years later. <3 We love to collect records, music is always on full blast in the house. Our daughters name, Josie, came from Blink 182...I swear we're not some obsessed groupie family though...but our sons first concert will definitely be Blink. You'll see the Spartan flag (GO GREEN)  flying high in the fall off our front porch, and a Darth Vader flag in the off season. Come September if I'm shooting your wedding on a game day I'll be frequently checking the score on my phone, and hopefully you're just as cool and will ask what the score is...or maybe you'll be even cooler and have a projector or something at the wedding..just a thought...I love to travel around Michigan and just drive. I want to see everything this beautiful state has to offer. My brother recently moved to the West side so that has opened the door a lot for future weddings and traveling will be much easier for my business and family! My favorite place to shoot is at the beach. It instantly puts me in a warm, happy, chill mood when I leave my shoes in the car and get to walk through the warm sand and water with that golden hour sun hitting my face. I love staying there a little bit longer after the session is over and be cheesy sitting in the sand thinking how amazing it is that this is my job. I just really can't describe how good it makes me feel. My life is crazy but it sure is fun living it<3